Dream in Dreamland

by Drive Me Home Please

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Written and recorded in 16 hours


released January 8, 2014

thanks to cam for doing a 24 hour album at the same time as me



all rights reserved


Drive Me Home Please Rochester, New York

Upstate NY chill pop by Zach Hallenbeck

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Track Name: too far, too long
t’s hard to be

kind of happy

when all I can see is how

far you are from me

and I don’t like the feeling of not

knowing if we’ll see

eachother again because

maybe we won’t

what if we don’t

was our goodbye enough

I don’t like growing up

I don’t like growing up

Living alone isn’t


all what it has been

cracked up to be because

I spent eight-teen

years figuring

out who i am

with my best friends
Track Name: ice crystals
there’s no metaphor about the ice on my attic window, no hidden meaning behind the fact that it’s really cold, no real reason why I chose to wear this shirt, no purpose for my lyrics being about this. this isn’t an allusion to love or missing friends or hating school or feeling alone this is about ice crystals on my window that just look nice, they really just look nice. I like when things work out and seem to symbolize things but It just doesn’t work out that way all the time and when it does it’s just because that’s the way things are. This really isn’t something I care about but these 24 hours will be long if I use up all of my good thoughts in the first 3. I don’t need to be poetic for you and I won’t but my pick is broken at the tip just like my heart

I think the wind chill is supposed to be about -15 today
Track Name: soaking it up
I don’t think I’m made
to live in a way
that is just like you
I don’t get why you all think that

to have lived my life
I need to live in a place where
I can’t remember
what happened last night

Why is it surprising
That I like the pain sometimes
Isn’t that what we live for
Isn’t that why I’m alive

I’d rather be dying than
numb and questioning what the point
of living is when
I could be dead for the same trouble

What’s the joy in happiness
If it’s what you need to live
I will spend my Fridays
drinking tea and smoking candles

soaking up the sad
soaking up the happy
soaking up the anger
soaking up the conciousness
Track Name: yr late
Hey I know you’re sad, but I’m sad too
I know he doesn’t love you like I do
When are you coming home?
When can things be the way they used to
You really are a special person and that’s why I think
that you should be back here don’t you think
That would make you happy
That would make me happy
Why aren’t we all back home yet
Clearly we can’t live like this
It’s either come back home and be happy or
We’ll all kill ourselves in different states
so come back friends, we don’t need to die yet
I don’t want you to die yet
I need you alive yet
Track Name: Sea Major
Track Name: finale // finally
I miss the way it felt to be with you in your car
there's something relaxing about
the knowledge of destination being a joke
because it's a joke and we do it together
we do it because we feel something together
I don't drink beer but when i do it's goya ginger
I can't do it alone
I can't live alone but we've made it, we're here together