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Infinite Tsukuyomi

by Drive Me Home Please

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Noah Garthwaite
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Noah Garthwaite This is a great follow-up to DMHP's last record, which was one of my favourite bedroom projects, period. This EP here shows definitive progress, something I was absolutely looking forward to. Oil Kid was very barren in terms of sound, which was something I found actually very charming about it, but this is a perfect step in the right direction.

80-81/100 Favorite track: I Can Feel the Leaves Falling.
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Music written and recorded by Zach Hallenbeck
Mixed/mastered by Dan Lynch
Album artwork by Tyler Markowski

Big thanks to all my good friends who inspire me and keep me going


released February 10, 2017



all rights reserved


Drive Me Home Please Rochester, New York

Upstate NY chill pop by Zach Hallenbeck

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Track Name: Nowhere to Go but Down
Hey is it okay if i sleep in today
i know you got work early but you know i got in late last night
and i sure need the sleep you know and i sure need to dream
it’s easier to ignore all that’s starting to move on
because i can tell that things are getting complicated
and i know that if it’s real it won’t feel good
because starting from the top you know there’s nowhere to go but down

i waited all morning for you to come home
im worried now why wont you pick up your phone
im sorry if im boring i just like when you’re around
because i dont know what there is to do in this town
i waited all morning so whisper in my ear
just promise me one thing that you’ll make it fucking clear
say the word and i promise that i’ll leave you alone
and i promise i’ll try not to crash on my way home
Track Name: I Can Feel the Leaves Falling
I dreamt that they played MCR in wegmans
and we ran singing through the freezer aisle
with a clif bar weighing my pocket down
no im not ready to leave this town
and the weather won’t stop reminding me of how the first few months felt spent alone and how i still don’t think i wan’t to be alone

i can’t help but think that it was me and not you
That it was all just a lame old excuse
to keep me sane and unbruised
well it fckin bruised me anyway
and the weather won’t stop reminding me of how the long drive home felt every night don’t fall asleep stop crying you can’t drive like this
Track Name: New York State
I’ll set up my bed on the interstate
bc these days route 90′s my home
because my life keeps taking me east but my heart belongs to the west
and New york’s a big state, that’s getting smaller by the day
each time i go outside it’s more familiar i’d say
by the hudson or eerie or lake ontario
or the finger lakes carved out so neatly by snow, i don’t
care where i end up just as long as i’m a stone’s throw away

and i feel warm out in my big coat
even when it’s cold, even if it’s alone
and i feel warm inside with a blanket
with the girls running all around on the blanket
and it feels good to have something i work for
and it feels nice to see people i love
as long as im still doin all of these things ill
make it alright and ill still feel warm at night
Track Name: Hooks
Carefully planted hooks in each nerve in my body
I wish I could have left them there
Being connected so comfortably was too easy
But I couldn’t stay that way for long
I’m still pulling them out one by one every time I find one
You’re in some other net in some other sea
I can still taste the farfalle
I can still smell the spliff collected in your bowl
And I can still feel the rumble of the pedal on my foot 300 miles down route 90
I can’t get past the fact that right now tonight i am completely alone
and there is nothing i can do to change that
i am alone in this apartment and i will be for weeks
i know no one but i know what it feels like to love and i will
long for that until the day i die and crumble onto the end of my bed
bending and snapping on the floor
ill melt here until someone walks in the door if that ever happens
I think i’d die right there on the floor
begging one last time to whatever stranger has come to hear my voice
please drive me home
Track Name: One Too Many Nights Alone
i like you best when you’re crying
please please you don’t need to keep trying
it never felt real until you gave up
I want to feel love again

Maybe I’ll go outside once more
but i know i won’t leave my porch
as if that would have been enough
to get me close to what i love

but when the world’s in front of me
I just get sick and put it off
can i just lie in bed all day
will i stay happier that way

it’s night’s like these that fuck me up
just knowing this won’t be enough x2

Maybe I’ll go outside once more
but i know i won’t leave my porch
as if that would have been enough
to get me close to what i love x2
Track Name: One Whole Year
I’m feeling as bold as i am feeling apathy, apathetically withdrawing again
what are the chances now, that something will make me feel at ease
No matter how i feel tonight i know that when i wake up, ill fill up my morning cup
I can only do a half a bowl of oatmeal today im full, and i haven’t even eaten yet

you’d be amazed at how easily a week can slip by
not even a memory or proof that i was there
honestly i’d say the deal’s as fair as it can get
i’m having a good time i’m having a good time

I’ve seen a face and it shows no signs of letting me calm down
Come visit me, spend a few nights, help me imitate the feeling of home
Sit me down and say this will not be the end, i will see you again In the same way
That it used to be, the way it’s always been, the best years of my life
Track Name: Infinite Tsukuyomi
I’ve been focusing on writing more, im trying to not feel so out of it
because that’s what helps me breathe more than anything
i just want to feel like i am heading in the right direction again

but I don’t have the time to do full time
because I already made up my mind
about How I’m gonna spend my life
and Im still not so sure if it’s really the best thing for me
after all, it Never made me happy it just gave me something to think about
Something gave me purpose and im holding onto that
but All the while i need this project to keep me alive

This is the most alone i’ve ever been
and Im still not so sure how im handling it
weeks on end alone does every sober night feel this dark
well i Hope i can get back into the swing of things and bring the glory days back to me
i just Hope it’s not too late, i just hope im not too late

I hate the fact that i cant eat breakfast right now
because i Feel like throwing up not for any reason in particular
this is just How i wake up but ill force it down anyway like i always do
because There are certain real world things that i really need to do today
and i Know i wont feel better in the three hours
without anything inside me

and whhen did i get so anxiouus??